Benefits of Highland Dance for Boys

What boy wouldn’t like dancing with swords?  Highland dancing provides a wealth of developmental benefits.  Scottish dance provides an exceptionally positive developmental outlet for boys, a kind of occupational therapy that’s fun, challenging and rewarding. Highland dancing helps boys deal with the areas in life that most struggle with during their formative years, including their self esteem, gross motor and coordination skills and flexibility because of the multi-detailed instructions that make up the dance.
Highland Dancing originated in the Highlands of Scotland and was originally performed by men.  It’s a great activity for boys as it helps them develop in so many areas.  In order to dance a boy must follow multiple detailed instructions, refine gross motor skills and increase flexibility.
One mother at Tampa Bay Highland Dancers noticed changes in her son after just a few months.  His listening skills and focus with schoolwork had improved thanks to the skills he was learning in dance class.

In just one year a dancer can expect to learn choreographed dances, develop and ear for timing, polish  stage presence and gain confidence in a variety of areas.  Dancers also take pride in being part of a team, competing individually and setting personal goals.  If you’ve been looking for a unique activity that your son can be proud of, why not consider Highland Dancing?