3 Gifts that are Perfect for the Highland Dancer in your life!

Some people are naturals when it comes to gift giving, others struggle to come up with unique and useful gifts.  If there’s a Highland Dancer in your life then I highly recommend you check out the awesome ideas below.  It seems that everyone is pinching their pennies these days.  Gifts need to work double duty.  Why not take an opportunity like birthdays or Christmas and get the Highland Dancer in your life something they really want AND need.  Trust me, if a dancer wakes up on Christmas morning to open any of the gifts below, they will not be disappointed!

Practice Skirt:  Ok, this might sound like an odd choice, but trust me.  Your dancer(and their teacher) will appreciate having a custom cotton skirt to wear in class when practicing National dances and the Jig.  I’ve seen it happen before….a dancer practices and practices.  Then, on the day of competition she forgets to actually use her skirt!  Give her a prop to practice in class with.  Nancy Kimsey of “Little Lassies” can make custom practice skirts, choreography costumes and more.   They range from $20-$25.  Check them out on Facebook.
Tartan Hearts Jewelry:  This jewelry is awesome!  Jessica Bach custom makes each piece.  She sent me a piece that matches my competition tartan.  The Dress Purple Stewart fabric is enclosed in an antique inspired pendant.   Since I started wearing it I have received so many compliments!  Why not get your dancer a piece to match her tartan?  Or this is a great gift for any Dance mom! Pieces range from $9-$30.  Check her out on Facebook or order on Etsy.
tartan hearts jewelry gifts for highland dancers
Rac n Roll:  Gone are the days of wrestling a kilt, aboyne, jig, hornpipe and choreography costume into a garment bag that wasn’t designed with a dancer in mind.  The Rac n Roll company has solved the problem of being out in the middle of a field at a Highland Games with no way to keep your costumes organized and wrinkle free.  This bag comes equipped with hooks to hang your costumes during transit plus plenty of pockets for everything else.  When you arrive at your destination, use the telescoping poles (included) to set up your own personal costume rack.  You will be the envy of every dancer and dance mom who doesn’t have one!  The large Rac n Roll Bag(black) costs $185.  Check them out.
rac and roll gifts for highland dancers